Voice in action powered by data 

On 14 September 2023, three incredible speakers including Laurie Perry, CEO of Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation together with Rhonda Craven, Director, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education from the Australian Catholic University, and Kristi Mansfield, CEO & Co-founder of Seer Data & Analytics discussed the transformative power of data, technology, and education in Closing the Gap for the Wonnarua Nation.

Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation (WNAC) is working towards collectively Closing the Gap on Wonnarua Country in accordance with Aboriginal traditional lore and customs through data tracking and empowerment of the community to find solutions that work​. In line with this vision, WNAC has made a commitment to giving the community the data facts and nation-building through Indigenous data governance.

That’s why, WNAC has established the Kawuma Close the Gap Program, including a visionary Gap Closer Map and Data Platform – the first Indigenous-owned and led mapping tool – powered by Seer Data & Analytics.

Kawuma, meaning ‘Together’ in the Wonnarua Language, aims to reshape the Wonnarua story, and showcase place-based programs and initiatives that are proven to work. This gives a voice to the community to create change in ways most conducive to the country’s needs.

Comprising the largest area of the Aboriginal country in the Hunter Region, the Kawuma ‘Close the Gap Project Area’ comprises 6 Local Government Areas (LGAs) to simplify data access, tracking and outcomes measurement.

The Kawuma initiative is giving a voice to the community by not just collecting data but also taking action to create change where it is needed most. This is a voice-in-action powered by real-time data. 

Game-Changing Deadly Futures through Education?

Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation is also leading the delivery of the Indigenous Game Changers research program in partnership with Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Positive Psychology and Education. The program aims to enrich the lives and well-being of Indigenous children, youth, and families by using research excellence to:

  • Increase school attendance, engagement, visible learning, and academic achievement
  • Increase literacy and numeracy
  • Enable the successful transition from school to employment and higher education
  • Increase cultural understanding and strengthen an Indigenous identity
  • Augment parenting skills that facilitate thriving
  • Provide translational research evidence for policymakers, educators, and service providers on what works.

The program is a game-changing initiative that aims to transform and enrich Indigenous lives and communities and enable Indigenous Australian children and youth to not just succeed, but to thrive and flourish in their home, community, and educational environments, from preschool to university: building the foundation for securing employment and leading productive and fulfilling lives.

How can you get involved?

These are game-changing programs shaping the future of youth and giving a voice to the country, and there are numerous ways to support them:

  • Contributing to aggregate data
  • Funding segments of or whole projects
  • Printing of books
  • Publishing the books
  • Assistance with creating digital resources
  • Partnering on projects and new research applications • Connecting us to other Indigenous communities
  • Advising us of potential funding sources
  • Funding PhD scholarships
  • Funding Game Changer projects

Should you have any questions, get in touch with:

Professor Rhonda Craven: 02 9465 9084, rhonda.craven@acu.edu.au

Laurie Perry: 02 6571 8595, laurie.perry2020@outlook.com

Laurie Perry
Wonnarua Aboriginal Nation Corporation

Professor Rhonda Craven
Australian Catholic University

Kristi Mansfield
Seer Data & Analytics

Kawuma Gap Closer Map and Data Platform

The visionary Kawuma Gap Closer Map and Data Platform is the first Indigenous-owned and led mapping tool, conceptualised and created by Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation in partnership with Seer Data & Analytics. 

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Data Sovereignty and the Seer Data Platform

Closing the Gap Data packs

Seer Data & Analytics offers solutions to help organisations and communities tackle entrenched disadvantage, including Closing the Gap Data packs and data mapping. All data and stories in the Seer Data platform are owned and controlled by our customers

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Learn more and access resources:

Indigenous Game Changers flyer

Kawuma one page snapshot

Children’s books:

Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation are looking for publishing support for our children’s books, if you or someone you know may be able to to assist, please get in touch.

One minute video series:

Gap Closer Map: The idea

Education and the Indigenous Economy

Kawuma Gap Closer introduction video

Why Wonnarua needs data

Gap Closer Map and Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)

The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation website has a wealth of resources including Children’s Books written in Wonnarua language, language cards, Wonnarua Cultural Archive, and Wonnarua Language Dictionary.