Why Seer

Seer is more than a Data & Analytics Platform

Access, analyse and share open data alongside private data to solve complex problems together. Seer is a civic tech company turning data into action for people creating a better world. Seer’s library of Open data, AI-generated data sets, data sharing capabilities and Smart Insights allows people of all skillsets to use data for problem solving to benefit society.

Every person has their own domain knowledge, expertise, and story. Few people have the skills and resources to fully harness the opportunity of the data age to take action to reshape and reform society.

Every community has its own story, data can transform that story into a powerful narrative. Few communities have access, agency and sovereignty over their own data.

We solve this problem by giving easy access to data to create knowledge for actions to change, reform and transform our communities. Our users gain the confidence to take the right actions, the efficiency of knowing what’s working and what’s not and the power to change the system.

Meet the Seer Team

Equitable access for all

Our commitment to equity starts with our own team. Seer Data & Analytics aims to be a reflection of the diverse communities that we serve and to model an open, safe, and inclusive culture.

Seer’s core values include being in service to our customers, communicating openly, solving problems with and for our customers, inspiring others, having fun, and being a great place to grow.

Platform features

Collaborate with multiple users

Bring your data community together to analyse data, build knowledge, collaborate and take decisive action. Create a shared learning and shared measurement environment to drive your community transformation vision.

Access, analyse and share data from multiple contributors

Bring together data from private and Open data sources to create your own data collection. Harness the power of data sharing between Government and community contributors. Self-service and full-service data ingestion options available with automated contributor reminders.

Create, analyse and share unlimited Insights and Suitcases

Pack the right Suitcase for your data journey. A Suitcase on Seer is a folder to organise your Insights in a meaningful way. Create unlimited, multi-level Suitcases, Data Storytelling Dashboards, Insights and commentary. Share Suitcases with others and tag people in comments section to collaborate and share knowledge.

Auto-generated Smart Insights

Access interesting new Insights on the homepage when you arrive in Seer. View Featured Suitcases, settings and link to training and support tutorials, tools and assets to help your organisation build capability and become more data-driven.

Pre-packed Suitcases

Duplicate and edit pre-packed Suitcases to quickly tell a data story for your area of interest. Add context and community voice with multimedia content in the data storytelling dashboard. Build an evidence base or create reports and share via public link to anyone, without the need for a login.


Customise Seer to your organisation and power up your ability to benefit your community.

Invite unlimited users to access, analyse and share insights.

Securely host and manage your private data for easy interrogation and reporting.

Share your private data with others for data collaboration.

Discover the likely intergenerational wealth transfer in your community.

Answer complex questions about your community with data science, machine learning and magic.

Support with building insights, developing your strategy and data storytelling.