Search across public and private data, and share insights with your organisation to make better decisions.


Collaborate with multiple users

Story, connections, community.Connect with your team, invite others to join you and create your data community.

Access, gather and search multiple data sources

All your favourite datasets in one place.Remember when you used to download data from dozens of different websites? How did we ever get things done? Seer is your one-stop-shop for the data sources you know and love, and we’re adding more all the time.

Create, analyse and measure unlimited insights

A whole new way to find insights.Explore the data like your favourite restaurant menu, play with the data like your first Lego set (don’t worry, you can’t break it), find the answers to your questions in seconds, and create a chart with one click.

Co-ordinate efforts and share learnings in unlimited suitcases

Save your valuable insights where you can find them again.Create shared workspaces where your team can collaborate with you. Manage access to critical insights. Suitcases help people and purpose stay aligned.

Pre-packed Suitcases

Spend less time searching data, more time telling a story.Rapidly find the indicators within pre-defined frameworks or themes for any community project using our pre-packed suitcases.


Customise Seer to your organisation and power up your ability to benefit your community.

Invite unlimited users to access, analyse and share insights.

Securely host and manage your private data for easy interrogation and reporting.

Share your private data with others for data collaboration.

Discover the likely intergenerational wealth transfer in your community.

Answer complex questions about your community with data science, machine learning and magic.

Support with building insights, developing your strategy and data storytelling.