90% of businesses understand what it means to enable data-driven decision making at all levels, but only 7% have so far made this a reality.*

For NFPs, access to data and use of that data is now becoming increasingly critical as an operational tool. Data is used to build a case for funding, to determine what works and what doesn’t, demonstrate impact, advocate for what is needed and change policy.

Alister Ferguson​ Maranguka, Bourke Tribal Council

Community organisations, not for profits, philanthropists and Government policy makers all need easier access to data for better decision making and the ability to take faster actions. But, how can this happen for all NFPs, irrespective of size?

It’s important to empower people working in the social sector with data. If not, the risk is that a data divide will emerge between those organisations who have easy access to data, such as Governments and large businesses, and those NFPs and local organisations doing the essential work on the ground to improve lives in our society.

Seer is working to solve that problem.

“Data is currently at the centre of both public action and economic activity. It must be seen as an essential infrastructure to the functioning of the economy.

Henri Verdier
France’s Chief Data Officer

Why is data access so critical now?

Lisa McKenzie​ Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project

Crisis is overcome by seeing the big picture, acting locally.

COVID and climate-related disasters have created the conditions for community-led decision making as a driver for societal reform around the world.

The macro shifts are:

  1. Citizenship matters. We are part of a citizenship nation and act this way.
  2. Communities matter. More than the delivery of services, change comes when local communities have the power to make better decisions locally.
  3. Connectedness matters. Tech must be used to empower local communities.
  4. Governments matter. Government can operate at a local level and is central to crisis response and recovery.

Data is a key enabler for these shifts toward greater community-led decision making and control.

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Tools for Developing Data Capability in Your Not-for-Profit. 

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We are bridging the data divide

Tamsin Coryn-Wyllie​ Logan Together

Seer is a civic tech company turning data into action for people creating a better world.

Seer’s library of Open data, AI-generated data sets, data sharing capabilities and Smart Insights allows people of all skillsets to use data for problem solving to benefit society.

Seer offers an ever-growing library of more than 30 Open data collections, together with two Seer data science collections – the Seer Giving Index and Seer Similar Communities Model. Standard users can access simple tools for data searches, analysis, reporting and storytelling for free.

Seer Plus subscribers can participate in data sharing, access additional Seer data collections and “closed” data shared by Government agencies through Seer to fill the gaps in knowledge left by Open, publicly available data.

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