Thanks to everyone who attended our data collaboration webinar, knowledge is power and it’s time to share, and thank you to the beautiful community of East Gippsland for making us feel so welcome.

Watch the webinar recording and our pre-webinar interview with Rachel Bell below, access the slide deck and further information on how data sharing and collaboration may be able to help your organisation and ultimately your community.

We will follow up with an edited highlight reel from this session, to help you reflect on the key things we can learn from the work being done in East Gippsland.

Knowledge is power and it’s time to share

Data sharing webinar presentation

View and download webinar slide deck

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Pre-webinar interview with Save The Children’s Rachel Dooley

Wellbeing of Children & Young People - Save the Children

View and download The Wellbeing of Children and Young People East Gippsland Report

How can data sharing and collaboration help your community?

Data sharing and collaboration is a powerful impact multiplier. If you think your community could benefit from data sharing and collaboration, or you’ve already started your journey towards forming a collaborative or collective, we’d love to help you.

We’ve put together an article – the 5 things you need to know to get started with data collaboration.

Seer has introduced a Community Collective plan tailored to collective impact groups and NFPs, and the first product of its type in the Australian market.

The subscription service caters for 20 users across four organisations with a support advisor, storytelling dashboards, access to more datasets and advice from Seer data scientists.

Talk to us about how we can help you harness the power of shared data.

Find out more about Seer’s Community Collective plan
5 benefits of data sharing

View and download Data sharing and Community Collective plan flyer