View and Review Observations and Actions Tracking Feature

Seer Data’s Observations & Actions Tracking feature is a new addition to our Data Storytelling Dashboards. This feature has been developed in response to listening to what people working in communities, not-for-profits and government bodies have told us about what is needed to make data not just viewable but actionable. This collaboration tool allows you to track and retain knowledge and measure outcomes and actions.

The Seer Data Product team are nearly ready to release this feature. But first, they would love to get as much input as possible from our network to send it out the door ready for you to use. If you have time to review and provide your valuable feedback, please book a time via the calendar below.​

Feature Overview

Track your observations and actions right alongside your data, community voice, videos, and other dashboard content.

By having a conversation space for tracking observations and actions, teams, working group and data contributors can collaborate on what data, stories and context needs to sit where. There is also the ability to capture actions, expected outcomes and whether those were achieved. Building up a record of decisions made and actions taken all in one place makes it easy to pick up where you left off, hand over between team members, and report on progress.


  • Have a conversation about any data or content a dashboard by tagging team and partners
  • Record actions that were taken, expected outcomes and progress status
  • Prompts to guide users through the sense-making and decision-making process


  • Transparency and accountability
  • Single location as source of truth
  • Increased communication efficiency

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