The Ultimate Data Glossary

Welcome to the Seer Data & Analytics ultimate data glossary. We have curated a variety of data definitions in this easy-to-use glossary to help communities and organisations navigate data terms.

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To pivot is to adjust the nature of rows and columns within a table. For example, if you have sex as your column and year as your row you may wish to pivot the results to sex broken down by year whereby years are now displayed within columns and sex as rows.

Preservation (of data)
Ensuring that data remain intact, accessible and understandable over time. This requires preserving the integrity of digital files themselves, and can be considerably more complicated. Preservation operations may include preserving the software required to interact with the data or emulating older systems, migrating data to new formats and new media, and ensuring there is sufficient metadata to understand, interpret, manage and preserve the data.

The protection of personal information from unauthorised access by others.

Private data
Private data is data collected by an organisation, data collective or data collaboration. Private data can be collected from offline and online sources. Seer allows organisations to ingest their private data to provide further context for their areas of interest.

Proportional in relation to data is generally reflected as a percentage of the components within a defined total figure.

Public access policy
Public Access policies ensure that the results of research are freely available to the public.