The Ultimate Data Glossary

Welcome to the Seer Data & Analytics ultimate data glossary. We have curated a variety of data definitions in this easy-to-use glossary to help communities and organisations navigate data terms.

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A unique and long-lasting reference that allows for continued access to a digital object. Examples of persistent identifier systems include Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), handles, and Archival Resources Keys (ARKs). Persistent identifiers support interoperability and the reliable citation of digital content.

Indicators in relation to social impact are individual insights that are often used by communities to build an evidence base or inform vital signs.

An infographic is a visual representation of key data outtakes given further context with high level commentary to create a story. An infographic can be static or multi-media.

An insight is an outcome of a data query that provides a result. Regarding Seer, an insight relates to an individual chart of table produced from a data query.

institutional repository
A service storing and providing online access to digital content. Content is typically produced by the institution that hosts the service.

intellectual property
Intellectual property is rights applied to creative works, including, copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Interpolate means to estimate values of data or a function between existing known values.