The Ultimate Data Glossary

Welcome to the Seer Data & Analytics ultimate data glossary. We have curated a variety of data definitions in this easy-to-use glossary to help communities and organisations navigate data terms.

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A.I. (or artificial intelligence)
A.I. or artificial intelligence is an arena where a machine, rather than a person, interprets information to complete tasks or provide outcomes.

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem solving operations to provide an end user with a series of results. Algorithms are commonly used in search functions across digital platforms.

Analytics is a systematic analysis of data or statistics.

Anonymised data
Data about individuals that does not reveal the identity of any of the individuals, and cannot be linked to other data that would reveal the identity of individuals.

The transfer of material to a facility that appraises, preserves, and provides access to that material on a long-term or permanent basis.