Thriving Communities

What makes a thriving community? There are many factors, but the three key components that are emerging as the most important for creating a thriving community, are:

Sustainability; local institutions , schools and essential services are working and effective, commerce and employment opportunties are available, and initiatives and programs in place

Collaboration; there is social capital and connectivity in the community which extends out to a multi-level governance structure with a shared willingness to work together to achieve outcomes

Innovation; the community is activated to be innovative to deal with changes and challenges at a local level as they happen, and empowered to make necessary decisions as required

Data is essential for the collaboration component of a thriving community, it’s also beneficial for analysing, measuring and reporting on the sustainability and innovation components. Collaboration, facilitated by data sharing, allows people at all levels of a community to be able to participate in decision-making and is an essential in being able to design a strategy for the future.

Knowledge Hubs enabling data sharing and collaboration to empower Thriving Communities

Seer is helping facilitate data sharing and collaboration through the creation of Knowledge Hubs for communities. A Knowledge Hub is a customised, central and secure data architecture solution.  Multiple custodians can contribute data into the Knowledge Hub and all community stakeholders can come together and collaborate on the insights and data stories to make decisions together.

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The Collaborative Change Cycle

Data sharing and collaboration are crucial at all stages of the Collaborative Change Cycle as communities work towards fulfilling their thriving community vision. Explore the 5 phases of the change cycle below and access tools and resources to help you on your data journey.

Collaborative Change Cycle overview