Unclear Problems – The Challenge

The Hive is a network of people working in Mt Druitt facilitating local community change and influencing systems to ensure every child in Mt Druitt starts school well, and has enhanced life outcomes.

While there is a long history of quality service delivery in Mt Druitt, this has not achieved lasting community change and as many as 1 in 3 children start school developmentally vulnerable. As a result, The Hive set a goal to ensure 100% of four year olds and 80% of 3 year olds are able to access quality early education, but an analytical basis was required.

The Missing Links – The Data

Through the Seer Data Platform, The Hive was able to identify key statistics on early childhood development, crime rates and exposure to harm.

From this, a machine learning model was developed by Seer to geographically assess the needs and availability of quality early education. The model asked: How does the supply of childcare compare with the need in Mt Druitt considering the quality and capacity of local childcare providers today? What improvements to existing providers, or new centres, would make the most impact?

Community-led Decision Making – The Outcome

The Hive network now draws on local knowledge and sophisticated analytics through the Seer Data Platform to develop and advocate for collaborative local solutions that ensure every child in Mount Druitt starts school ready to thrive in life.

With the early years childcare disadvantage mapped, the group brings a tool and new information to the table in discussions with the community, Government and business.