The Foil

The Foil podcast discusses the data age; what it means for you and what it could mean for us all.

We talk with leaders in the fields of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, public policy, and social change about the power of data as a tool to benefit society. We also discuss the opportunities and risks, and what to do about them.

Through their work, Kristi and Adam get to meet the pioneers of the data age. The Foil Podcast aims to give these leaders a platform to talk more about their ideas and insights – and what it means for us all.

Episode 10: Skepticism, Misinformation & Heretical Problem Solving

Dr Linda McIver is Founder and Executive Director at the Australian Data Science Education Institute, and author of Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World.

Linda describes her early interest in the science of biology, and her migration to a degree in Computer Science at Monash University which would ultimately be the focus for her PhD and wherein she would explore the development of a Genuinely Readable And Intuitive [programming] Language (GRAIL).

Episode 09: Access for all, Ai-enhanced Storytelling and Big Tech

Deanne Weir invests in founders who are changing the world. Deanne is the Chair of AI-Media and Seer Data & Analytics; both companies share a fundamental principle to provide “access for all”. In this episode, we talk about Deanne’s early career, the drivers for AI-Media and taking the company public.

Deanne talks about exciting developments in machine learning and AI for the production of films, narrative design and storytelling. We delve into big tech and the global policy context shaping the data age.

Episode 08: Astrophysics, AI for Better Grantmaking and Altruistic Pursuit

Dr Paola Oliva-Altamirano is an accomplished astrophysicist and data scientist who pivoted her academic career researching the evolution of galaxies to the social sector where she now brings data science for benefit of society.

In this episode, we talk with Paola about breaking gender stereotypes in Honduras as she defied tradition to pursue a career in STEM and the role of data science in astrophysics and now in the social sector.

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