Learn more about Logan Together

Logan Together is a community movement that is changing the lives of kids and families in Logan for the better.

Logan Together seeks to see more young people thrive in all aspects of wellbeing with a focus on the critical 0-3 year age group.

Why does this matter to the people of Logan?

Logan is more ethnically diverse than New York City. The city is one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia, with an extra 200,000 people forecast to move to the city over the next 20 years. Logan understands that children are the key to the future prosperity of their community.

Seer has been helping Logan Together understand current and future needs via the creation of a machine learning model. The model analyses early education supply and demand now and into the future. The interactive model is helping support shared measurement and learning in the community and supports service delivery refinement and policy advocacy.

If you would like to book an interactive session exploring the machine learning model developed for Logan Together, complete the short form below and we’ll be in touch.