Free Data Storytelling Events:

Turn data into action for a better world

At Seer Data & Analytics, we believe that data should be accessible, useable and shareable by people of all skillsets. You’re invited to join us for a free event where we’ll show you new tools designed with and for community change-makers seeking to turn data into action for a better world.

Data storytelling helps turn your data into a powerful narrative to help with collaboration and building a case for funding or policy change. These tools let you create and share the stories that matter most to your community.

Renai Mouton

What we’ll show you?

  • Learn how to collect, store and share your own data including surveys, organisational data, or data to track outcomes,
  • Discover how you can create a shareable, multimedia data storytelling dashboard where you can add your community voice with videos, images, text, audio and insights including how you can add these dashboards to your own website,
  • Explore open datasets in our easy-to-use exploration tool including new Census data that has just been released

Who should attend this event?

  • Organisations that are working in their communities to build an evidence base for funding, or to guide policy-change
  • Organisations that want to understand situational context so that they have data they need to understand where to focus their program, services and / or funding efforts on the ground
  • Organisations seeking to track outcomes and share their progress with working groups, stakeholders and partners

Introducing the Seer Data platform

Register below:

22 July, 10.00am AEST

New dates coming soon.

Your host: Renai Mouton

During the group Data Storytelling event, learn how communities are turning data into action for better outcomes all across Australia and how you could do the same.

If you would prefer a 1:1 conversation, book a time that suits you best in the calendar below.

Or, book a 1:1 session for your organisation here: