Similar Communities Model

The Similar Communities Model helps people understand which communities are more and less like theirs, across eight different social factors. It can help you take actions based on learnings from similar communities.

This data set is helping many organisations with research what programs, initiatives and services are being implemented in similar communities as well as making connections with collective impact organisations operating in those similar communities to learn and share knowledge.

Try the free Similar Communities Model search tool to quickly discover which communities are most and least like yours within your state and nationally.

Seer’s free model displays communities nationally at a Local Government Area (LGA) level. Seer’s Plus plan includes access to the full dataset which allows you to search at SA2, SA3, postcode and LGA levels and create your own Insights from the data.

This model was created as part of our early work with Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project. Read the story behind the creation of the Similar Communities model here.

Seer's Similar Communities Model

What you can do with this data set:

  • Discover which communities are most and least like yours across 8 different social factors
  • Research what other similar communities are doing at a local level to improve outcomes
  • Connect with similar community collective impact organisations to learn and share knowledge
  • Gain a deeper understanding of community context for both your community and others
  • Explore communities nationally at a Local Government Area level with the free model
  • Create your own Insights and explore at an SA2, SA3 and LGA level with the full data set on a Plus plan


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