Seer Plus Trial – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does trial go for? 

The trial goes for 30 days. Please remember your organisation can only participate once, so remember to include as many as 10 users in your organisation for the trial to maximise the value. 

How I get help?  

At all times you’ll be able to access the help centre and guided tutorials at the bottom right of your screen when you’re logged into the Seer Data Platform. You can reach also out to Seer Data Support.  

What happens after the trial period? 

Your account will revert to Seer Standard. You will retain access to all Datasets, Insights, Suitcases and view-only access to your Dashboards. Even though your organisation won’t be on our paid subscription, any Dashboard or Suitcases you have developed or published will be accessible. 

We’ll be in touch during the trial period to hear about your experience with Seer Data.