Seer Data & Analytics – vision, mission and purpose

Seer Data & Analytics is democratising data and bridging the data divide with data infrastructure solutions that allow people to access, analyse, and share data in a single platform. Seer empowers people with data-driven storytelling, collaboration, shared learning, and decision-making to understand complex social issues, and solve them together.

Co-founder & CEO Kristi Mansfield outlines the problem Seer Data & Analytics is solving for our community government, not-for-profit and service provider customers around Australia, and the vision to take Seer’s data-driven solutions to the world.

An introduction to Seer’s Customer Ecosystem 

Co-founder Kristi Mansfield

Co-founder and CEO Kristi Mansfield is an inspirational thought leader, published author and industry leader on the use of data for social benefit.

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Adam Peaston

Co-founder Adam Peaston

Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist Adam Peaston is known in the community sector as a leading data scientist with a customer-centric focus.

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Case study: data-driven community transformation 

Building Australia’s first data sharing intermediary platform

Pre-Seer challenges

No option but to engage expensive consultants to produce needs-assessments and local context reports which are out of date from day one.

Seer solution:

Pre-Seer challenges

Organisations data queries forces through bottleneck of IT teams slowing iteration toward the ‘right questions’ and stifling innovation.

Seer solution:

Self-service data analytics with Open data aligned to frameworks for decision-making around needs for programs and services.

Data sharing infrastructure involving private Data Spaces that can connect to existing data sources, self-service data ingestion, and automated report generation.

Pre-Seer challenges

Data unavailable for decision-making by partners, inability to demonstrate the value of data sharing, and comply with Closing the Gap requirement to share data with First Nations Communities.

Seer solution:

Pre-Seer challenges

Inefficient and ineffectual use of funding. Focus on chasing money rather than effective distribution and planning of efforts for outcomes.

Seer solution:

Data sharing, collaboration, and storytelling. Local data sovereignty, and community transformation enabled through localised data sharing.

Shift from a funding-driven to community-driven decision-making enabled by true data democratisation.

Seer Data & Analytics Board of Directors

Deanne Weir

Seer Data & Analytics Chair.

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Rod Johnson

Seer Data & Analytics Director.

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Dr Ian Oppermann

Seer Data & Analytics Director.

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