Join Seer’s newest Data Analyst, Dr Henry Poetrodjojo for an insightful session on data visualisation. Learn the fundamentals including;

  • Human visual perception and its role in efficient storytelling
  • Why storytelling is important
  • Objectives of a data visualisation
  • The purpose of charts
  • Best practice, which charts and colours to select and why

There will be an opportunity to ask specific questions and the session will be recorded for watching on demand.

Henry has a passion for making complex concepts simple, for teaching and inspiring others’ curiosity. An astrophysicist with a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, Henry has just completed a post-doctoral research study into the role of galactic winds and outflows using the SAMI Galaxy Survey.

Henry has joined the Seer to help build data capability for our customers and wider community, as we work towards our vision of bridging the data divide.

His relaxed and engaging teaching style will help start to demystify data visualisation for participants.

We will also be gathering interest in a future small group Data Visualisation Masterclasses.

Seer How Shops are our series of online workshops that focus on the ‘how’ of data. Designed to give practical direction on how your organisation can become more data driven, How Shops are our way of helping build data capability for organisations and communities in an accessible and approachable format.

Data Visualisation How Shop
28th April 2022

1.30pm – 2.15pm AEDT via Zoom

We are just scheduling our next How Shop series – in the meantime you can book a demo here to discover how using the Seer platform can help your organisation become more data driven, and build your data capabilities.

More How Shop dates coming soon.

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