Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics – Workshop B resources

Workshop B – Communication & stakeholder engagement to improve data literacy 

Data reform to enable data-driven decisions is high on the agenda for all Governments and is needed for the future of policy making. Data access, sharing and governance is part of the solution. The other critical elements are communication and stakeholder engagement to build and grow data fluency (or data literacy) within and across agencies at all levels of Government, and the importance of understanding local context to maintain and grow trust with the public.

The Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics has taken deep dive into improving data maturity & literacy to inform decision making.

Workshop B has a focus on Communication & stakeholder engagement to improve data literacy – below are materials and resources to help you deepen your learning. The slides from the workshop will also be made available on this page. Please reach out to us here if there is anything further you would like to know.

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Workshop by Kristi Mansfield

Kristi Mansfield, Co-founder and CEO of Seer Data & Analytics will run Workshop B.

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Other learning resources

The Foil podcast, featuring Professor Alan Duffy

In this episode of The Foil podcast – The Impossible Picture, Dark Matter & Asking the Simple Question – Professor Alan Duffy – Astronomer / Astrophysicist / Cosmologist and Director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne University takes us on a journey from the stars, to the power of the simplest questions on earth.

The Power of the Simple Question Tedx talk by Professor Alan Duffy

In 2015 Professor Alan Duffy held a Tedx talk that delves into the power of asking a simple question, which holds it’s significance and relevance to this day. Alan uses illustrative analogies from a young child to Einstein to add layers of rich context to this seemingly simple concept. We instinctively know when we hear a good question, but how can we learn how to ask one?

The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Ian Oppermann

In a recent episode of The Foil podcast – Data Science for government and society – Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist shares his journey into Data Science, how he helps people to ask the right questions, and both the challenges and opportunities that data offers our wider society.

The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Linda McIver

In an interesting episode of The Foil podcast – Scepticism, Misinformation & Heretical Problem Solving – Dr Linda McIver – Executive Director at the Australian Data Science Education Institute, and author of Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World – looks at evaluation, problem-solving and disruptive thinking from an education perspective.

Asking the right question

There are no right answers without the right questions. Hear from Professor Alan Duffy and Dr Ian Oppermann tell us why asking the right question is so important when it comes to data science. These are extractions from two episodes of The Foil podcast, which you can listen to above on this page.

Future vision fuelled by data capability

Melinda Smith, Chief Service Delivery Officer from the ATO, talks about how building data capability today is critical to delivering future vision.

Australian Data Strategy

Australian Public Service Commission (APS) Resources