Professor Kristy Muir (CEO Centre for Social Impact), John McLeod (Senior Research Consultant JBWere Philanthropic Services and Philanthropy Australia board member), Strive Philanthropy Founder Jarrod Miles and Kristi Mansfield (CEO and Co-Founder Seer Data & Analytics)  explore data’s role in reshaping giving in the philanthropic sector for a post-pandemic world. The discussion was released August 2021 on the ‘Philanthropy Australia Podcast’.

The broad data landscape can illuminate where we are and where we’re going, particularly in the space of giving. In a post-pandemic world this is more important than ever as the social purpose sector works together on how to support sector organisations and the people they benefit.

Kristy Muir references the Social Impact rolled out the pulse of the 4th sector survey which takes a deep dive into charities, beneficiaries, increased demands for services, decrease in resources and how charities are coping.

John McLeod overviews what has been uncovered by his most recent research into the recent alarming fall in the rate of philanthropy, which has since shown a bounce back recovery with rates of giving now rising.

Kristi Mansfield gives a brief insight into how Seer’s Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth dataset and Seer Giving Index are being used to support philanthropic planning.

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