Seer Data & Analytics held an interactive knowledge-sharing session led by Kristi Mansfield, Seer Data & Analytics, Co-founder and CEO. Kristi shared Seer Data company updates, and her recent industry learnings. The Seer Data team presented the platform functionality, which is co-designed with communities to enable data-informed decision-making and problem-solving.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Laurie Perry, Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation, CEO, who shared how data is being used to Close the Gap for Wonnarua Nation in the Hunter Valley Region. Following this introduction, we would like to kindly invite you to our upcoming webinar, where Laurie will deep-dive into the Kuwama Closing the Gap work showcasing the interactive map that was developed as part of this process.

Data is at the heart of everything we do. 

It is a building block for a modern data-driven society, as outlined in the Australian Data Strategy.

By ensuring people from all walks of life have a genuine role to play in using data, local decision-making can be improved, along with social, health, and well-being outcomes.

Even though data seems to be readily available at large scales, it can be challenging, confusing and overwhelming to work with effectively. Because of this, it is essential to make data easily accessible, usable, and shareable for people of all skillsets.

Join Wonnarua deep dive session

View the slide deck from this webinar:

Seer Data & Analytics empowers communities with data access, sharing and storytelling. We are a Government-to-community data-sharing intermediary, making data accessible, shareable and actionable for communities and not-for-profits to solve complex social problems and improve lives.

What does the Seer Data platform offer?

Co-designed with and for people who want to use data for decision-making, the Seer Data platform brings together publicly available data, data that’s been shared from data custodians, AI-generated Smart Insights, machine learning models, and self-service data ingestion tools for easy collaboration and problem-solving.

  • Easy to use – designed for people of all skill sets
  • Co-designed – developed in partnership with communities​
  • Data in one place – one point of access for open, private and shared data​
  • Collaborative – allows teams and partners to collaborate on creating dashboards and Insights
  • Scaleable & flexible – agile, highly customisable to be tailored to different organisations’ needs

Key features and functionality:

  • Data Storytelling Dashboards: Visualise your data in an appealing way. Include the community voice and multimedia content to tell engaging data stories.
  • Insights & Reports: Summarise your data exploration results in a simple statistic, table or graph and share it with others.
  • Personalised data catalogue: Quickly access all available datasets, their topics and variables to aid your analysis.
  • Observations and action tracking: Improve your sense-making and decision-making process when working with data by using a conversation space to track observations and actions.
  • Self-service data ingestion and data pipelines: Insert your collected data to carry out the analysis.

How can access to data help your organisation?

The Seer Data platform helps you gain the confidence to take action, the efficiency to know what’s working and what’s not and the power to change. Join us and learn how the Seer Data platform enables data-informed decisions and problem-solving.

Your Data. Your Story.