In partnership with Philanthropy Australia, Seer Data & Analytics will be facilitating an important conversation with a panel of First Nations leaders and emerging leaders on Operationalising Indigenous Data Sovereignty.

Storytelling is at the heart of Aboriginal culture and identity. Through the power of data, stories of Country and Community can be recorded, preserved, shared and analysed to help build knowledge and take action to disrupt disadvantage and close the gap.

However, data colonisation and extractive data practices are a concern for indigenous communities across Australia and, globally, data has been weaponised against Indigenous peoples.

The solution is to move towards true Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) to facilitate Indigenous-led governance for First Nations communities.

Partnership artwork by Tess Reading. See full description below.

A huge amount of work is being done to operationalise IDS by inspirational community leaders and elders across Australia. In this session, we will speak to some of those who are leading the way to explore the work being done, what the challenges are and what needs to happen.

Event Details:

Operationalising Indigenous Data Sovereignty
Tue 19th Oct 2021, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm AEDT
Online event via Zoom and recorded
Opportunity to engage and ask questions in breakout rooms

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Alister Ferguson, Founder & Executive Director at Maranguka Backbone Organisation
Paul Briggs OAM
, Founder & Executive Chair at Kaiela Institute
Skye Trudgett, Director Kowa
Corinne Hodson
, Ngiyang Wayama member & Community Engagement Manager Barang Regional Alliance
Jacob Smeaton Ngiyang Wayama 
member & Project Support Officer Barang Regional Alliance
Darren Clinch
Director Notitia

See event page below for full bios of our incredible speakers.

Moderator and Host:

Kristi Mansfield, CEO & Co-founder Seer Data & Analytics

Jack Heath, CEO Philanthropy Australia

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Partnership artwork by Tess Reading

The beautiful artwork featured in our event banner is by  Tess Reading, a proud Gomeroi women, mother of three children, an artist and established Graphic Designer/photographer.
Artist artwork description:
“This artwork shows the partnership coming together in the centre, walking together to meet each other, balancing cultural and technical wisdom in the use of indigenous symbols and tech. Also representing all those that will be including in the partnership and their support.” – this artwork has been commissioned appropriately and has not been used for any other purposes.
The principles / concepts that grounded this piece were:
  • Walking together with our partners, and each other (pace, meet them where they at)
  • Balancing cultural and technical wisdom (one doesn’t overshadow another)
  • Ensuring First Nations determination (ways and voice), power shifting and sharing +  rigour
  • Honesty about where we are at, and that we are learning. Going in eyes wide open, we trying to be safe, but when we do make mistakes- we committed to raw conversations, learning, accepting responsibility and improving/adapting
  • Community – led
  • Changing the system, supporting  “systems thinking”
  • Collaborative, participatory and culturally safe
  • First Nations inclusion and participation
  • Strengths-based
  • Valuing creativity and diversity, sharing voices
  • Building bridges and connections
  • Shared learning, knowledge exchange and capacity building (across all parties)
  • Open and inquisitive, and challenging our own assumptions
  • Adaptive
  • Trust

This artwork and the embedded principles are fitting for this event, given the partnerships nurtured within each community to navigate a path toward First Nations data sovereignty, and now the broader sharing of the work being done, what the challenges are and what needs to happen.

Please take the time to visit Tess’s social media pages and show your support for her talent:
Tess Reading LinkedIn page
Tess Reading Facebook page