Seer is dedicated to being in service to our customers and the ongoing evolution of our problem-solving platform is a collaborative, customer-led process.

What’s new?

One of the core promises we are delivering on for our customers is the ability to easily share data. To achieve this Seer’s sharing foundations have been a key focus area for the team.

Sharing foundations – features live now:

Standard subscription:

  • Share a suitcase with anyone in your organisation
  • Upload a logo to brand your suitcase environment

Plus subscription:

  • Invite other organisations to become a partner organisation
  • Share a suitcase with a partner organisation, whether on either a Standard or Plus subscription
  • Control whether suitcases are shared in read-only or editable format
  • Easily view and manage access for all partner organisations and your own team members
  • Upload a logo to brand your suitcase environment

Sharing foundations will continue to evolve in line with customer needs and we’ll keep you up to date as new features are launched.

Coming soon…

Following on from the launch of improved sharing and search functionality, our development team are working on a range of other features to help you get more value from Seer, including:


  • Tag other users in comments section of insights
  • Receive notifications in platform and/or via email for any relevant changes or events in your suitcases; new insight created, comment added, new comment tag, new person added etc
  • Insight recommendations

Data storytelling dashboard

  • Visual presentation of custom-selected elements, designed to be a presentation and overview tool
  • View a group of insights in a dashboard-style format
  • Chart preview on suitcase page
  • Upload qualitative stories and media alongside quantitative data

Other features

  • Ongoing chart, editing, export and search improvements
  • Reorder suitcase insights
  • Easier analysis and blending data
  • Public link sharing
  • Seer created Population Forecast dataset
  • Additional tutorial videos to help you navigate Seer, view the current videos here

Get in touch!

Customer needs are the catalyst for feature improvements. We improve a feature for one customer and this impacts the experience for all.

We are always happy to hear from you about what you need or would like to see!

Please get in touch if there are features you would love to see added to our development roadmap.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us and contributing to our ongoing evolution.