Seer’s data platform is constantly evolving and as a team we are dedicated to helping remove the barriers to accessing, analysing and sharing data. 

Clear all search results

When building your own Insights from scratch, there is now a dedicated button to clear your search results when you want to start again. This will save you time when accessing meaningful insights for your community.

In platform notifications

You will notice a new section in the top navigation panel of the Seer platform – Notifications.  When you have new notifications, you’ll see a red notification bubble to let you know how many you have to view.

If you tag your team or collaborators in the comments section of a Suitcase or Insight, they will receive a notification. You can tag someone individually by typing @ into the comments which will bring up the full list of names of people who have access to the suitcase. Select a name from the list or type their full name to tag them. Or use @everyone to notify everyone. This is great for letting your team know about updates to an Insight, starting a conversation and collaborating on Insight to action.

In case you missed our update last month, we also recently sent the following features live.

Get in touch!

Community needs are the catalyst for feature improvements. We improve a feature for one community and this impacts the experience for all. 

We are always happy to hear from you about what you need or would like to see!

Please get in touch if there are features you would love to see added to our development roadmap. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us and contributing to our ongoing evolution.