This week Maranguka and Seer Data & Analytics signed a historic Collaboration Agreement, to achieve a shared objective of enhancing access to data to support Aboriginal people in Bourke and improve life outcomes and opportunities for all people in the community.

Seer Data provides the data technology that powers the ‘Palimaa’ Data Platform, enabling Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Bourke. Maranguka developed Palimaa as a mechanism for enacting Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Bourke, providing a platform to enable place-based data-driven decision making. Maranguka uses data to evidence impact made across diverse domains including antenatal care, early years, justice, education, employment, housing, child safety, and health outcomes.

Maranguka collaboration members contribute data to Palimaa to help build a shared understanding of how change is happening on the ground for Aboriginal children and families in Bourke in the short, medium, and long term.

Local service providers also met with Maranguka and Seer Data this week, to learn how data is contributing to improved outcomes for the people of Bourke. All service providers in Bourke are invited to contribute data to the Palimaa Data Platform, as the secure and trusted community data asset.

The data that is captured in Palimaa enables community transparency and control of their narrative, upholding the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance. Bourke Tribal Council culturally governs Palimaa and the data itself is owned by Aboriginal peoples, whose life experience it reflects.

Ngemba woman Barbie-Lee Kirby who leads the Palimaa Data Platform as Director of Indigenous Data Governance and Evaluation at Maranguka, says “Bourke is leading the way in the Indigenous Data Sovereignty space, with Palimaa Data Platform enabling the Bourke community to securely store, analyse and communicate data in a way that fosters trust with data contributors and data stewards. The partnership with Seer Data & Analytics is a profound step towards building data competency and technological evolution in Bourke.”

Maranguka and Seer Data are committed to working together to achieve community outcomes through the continued development of Palimaa to support Maranguka’s vision and goals for First Nations self determination with data-informed and community led decision making.

Together, Maranguka and Seer Data aim to expand Palimaa to technologically empower other First Nations communities through our Collaboration Agreement and the underlying partnership of Maranguka’s Indigenous Data Governance model and Seer Data’s technology.

“We are proud to partner with Maranguka to continue to develop Palimaa as the lighthouse for data access, sharing and Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Australia. Significant progress has been made to unlock and share data, and through the historic data sharing agreement between NSW Health, Maranguka and Seer Data, we believe this will open new opportunities for the people of Bourke as well as many other First Nations communities around NSW,” said Kristi Mansfield, CEO, Seer Data & Analytics.