Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project

The Greater Shepperton Lighthouse Project (GSLP) is a not for profit organisation established in response to community concern around persistent disadvantage for young people. The organisation uses data, collaboration, and innovation to understand the best way to support the region’s children throughout their lives ensuring they reach them before they fall into crisis.

The Lighthouse team worked with Seer during COVID-19 Pandemic to plan a community response in 3 steps:

  1. The team explored the Financial Vulnerability Map to visualise areas in the community of greatest risk of unemployment and need
  2. Used the insights to support a newly formed alliance of Shepparton leaders, the Greater Shepparton Response, to make informed decisions to minimise the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable members of the community
  3. Created local suburb level insights in the Seer platform by accessing, duplicating and building community level insights using the Financial Vulnerability Insights package

By efficiently Identifying the areas through new tools and insights, GSLP can empower the community with assistance in areas that require it the most.

Lisa McKenzie, Executive Director Greater Shepperton Lighthouse Project said: We have developed a level of data literacy that is enabling us to work closely with Seer to overlay and correlate relevant data from multiple sources to understand the unique local implications of the pandemic in our area. This data is invaluable in informing an alliance of local community leaders who then combine with local insights to create timely interventions to support vulnerable people in our community.”

McKenzie continued: “Data gives us power – our data journey with Seer has allowed our foundation to make key decisions on specific areas with good solid facts to back up our decisions. We know that COVID-19 will affect the most vulnerable in our society with housing stress and unemployment. Access to this data is crucial in the road to recovery for our community”.

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections is a not for profit based in Warwick Farm in NSW. This grass roots NFP works to build a strong inclusive community that overcomes disadvantage by providing accessible information, community development as well as capacity building and advocacy services.

LNC worked with Seer to identify where to send food parcels for COVID-19 response:

  1. Explored the Financial Vulnerability Map to visualise the needs in South Western Sydney with a particular focus on areas where people are receiving Centrelink payments and are experiencing rental or mortgage stress
  2. Created insights in the Seer platform to get a suburb (SA2) comparison on this information to identify the highest priority areas
  3. Built a response for the delivery of food packages with a focus on areas where rental stress and unemployment risk intersect

Pat Hall, General Manager, Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections said, “The main thing we’re using the Seer platform and maps for now is to help us to figure out where to distribute our food parcels. A lot of people are experiencing real hardship and the data tells us more than 30% of people are living in rental stress in our area. It’s really helpful to be able to break it down to a granular level to see the specific areas where people need the most help now. The maps and charts are really helping us with this.”

St Vincient de Paul Society (Vinnies) Queensland

Vinnies in Queensland worked with Seer to identify communities that need help now, especially those not previously considered vulnerable:

  1. Explored the Financial Vulnerability Map to visualise locations in Queensland where people are at risk of unemployment due to COVID-19 impacts
  2. Focused on areas of high risk and compare other data, including the SEIFA Index to determine the economic resources available to people living in these areas, as well as the extent people are also living in mortgage or rental stressor receiving Centrelink payments
  3. Identified those at risk areas and developed a service delivery response, recognizing these are people and areas who may not have previously needed help before now.

Kristi Mansfield - Co-founder and CEO

Kristi Mansfield

Seer Data & Analytics