In 2021, Seer will be focussed on supporting our customers to build back better. Together with our partners, we will be inviting you to a range of events and webinars throughout the year to help assist your rebuild efforts.

Our first event is already in the calendar and we’d love you to join us:

Using the RESET 2020 data in Funding and Advocacy in 2021

dy and Seer’s Kristi Mansfield.This will be Fundraising Institute Australia‘s first Sector Leadership event for 2021 and will be hosted by The Xfactor Collective‘s Julia Kea

Using data to inform decision-making, advocacy and fundraising has never been more important. But which data, and how should we use it?

If you are looking to achieve greater social impact by becoming more data-driven, this webinar is for you. Suitable for small and large organisations, as well as grantmakers and philanthropists.

Understand the important findings from the most recent RESET2020 research and learn how to use data and insights to advance your work in 2021.

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What is RESET2020?

The RESET2020 research project is a Social Sector survey undertaken by The Xfactor Collective that aims to understand the sector impacts of COVID-19.  Two intervals of the survey have now been conducted and the results paint a picture of a sector under strain both in terms of service delivery and employee mental health and wellbeing. While alarming, it is crucial that we understand the results as we aim to rebuild as a strong and united sector.

You can now access the results of the survey, along with a range of Insights and the full data set on the Seer platform.

Access RESET2020

Community Connection

This year many of our customers expressed interest in engaging, learning, and connecting with others who are using data in leading change.

In response to this interest, we held our first Community Connection event where we facilitated a conversation between Community Changemakers. We had a casual conversation and shared contacts for those who wanted to connect separately.

In 2021 we will be facilitating more of these events to connect members of Backbone Team and Community Collectives across Australia.  

In 2021 we plan to hold a series of these events, focusing on a specific topic each time, such as:

  • Data platform learning
  • Data storytelling
  • Using data to improve funding applications
  • UMEL (Understanding Measurement Evaluation and Learning) tracking
  • Data sharing
  • Engaging the community
  • Selecting and tracking indicators
  • MEL (Measurement, Evaluation & Learning) development and embedding 

Join us on one of these sessions. Register your interest and let us know which topic would be of most value to you, here:

Community Connection registration