Watch Kristi Mansfield (CEO and Co-founder) and Adam Peaston (CTO and Co-founder) presentations from Good Tech Fest 2021.

In these two short sessions, Kristi and Adam explore how data access is creating outcomes and meaningful social impact in Australia.

Learn how grassroots data sharing is supporting communities and how machine learning models are helping answer complex questions.

Kristi Mansfield presents: Data to Action: how turning data to knowledge makes a difference to community outcomes
30 Minutes
About this session:
The value of data science and grassroots data sharing to support local communities have more determination for decision making and policy development. Stories from local communities in Australia.

Adam Peaston presents: Data Science for community action
Duration: 40 minutes
About this session:
Seer’s R&D data science team build models and estimates for our community of users. We will talk about how we built the Machine Learning Population forecast, supply and demand modelling for preschools and early education and the Intergenerational Wealth Transfer datasets and how these are being used for community benefit.

About Good Tech Fest:

Last year had more than 1,500 people from 42 countries participate in Good Tech Fest and we are striving to make this year’s event the most global, representative, and accessible yet! If you’re new to the Good Tech Fest community, we work to utilize data and technology for social impact. Unlike other nonprofit or social sector technology conferences, we are very much focused on program and field technologies. Basically, how can we use technology to further our mission? We wrestle with topics of access, equity, and responsibility. We work to make killer applications with the resources available to us. We know that data has the insights we need to improve our programs. While we often are talking about technology, our real passion is impact. Good Tech Fest is an impact conference first and foremost. So if you’re a program manager, developer, product guru, data scientist, visualisation expert, grantmaker, founder, or just plain impact nerd, join us at Good Tech Fest!