We are pleased to announce the full release of two new features in the Seer Data Platform, our Guided Explore Data interface and Unit Record Level data ingestion. We have also summarised recent platform improvements. 

Your Guided Data Exploration Experience

Seer Data’s Explore Data helps you build Insights to tell your community’s data story. After testing with our community, we’ve updated our Guided Explore workflow.  Designed for new users, you can start your journey of insight creation in a step-through workflow.

Guided Explore is our new default for exploring data. But, don’t worry if you prefer the original as your default, you can click “GO TO MANUAL EXPLORE” during the first step.


  • Explore Data is now Guided or Manual, reflecting needs of users who want to step through the process guided by the platform, rather than the Manual Explore page.  
  • Users have three starting points to explore data: “Location,” “Topic,” or “Dataset” and auto fills as you go.  
  • We remember your Explore preferences. 


  • Added flexibility for different users
  • Walkthrough workflow means you won’t get lost
  • Preferences remembered for more personalised experience in the platform.

Unit Record Level Data Ingestion

The Seer Data platform’s data ingestion tools have been expanded from Aggregate Level to now include Unit Record Level data ingestion.  

Users who are tracking impact, analysing survey responses, collecting data on services and more can now ingest data quickly and efficiently. Unit Record Level data via CSV or Excel can be rapidly uploaded and de-identified with the tool   

Unit Record Level data is a dataset of “unit records”, where each record contains information about the “unit”. For example, each row of a dataset may represent a single person. 



  • Flexibility to collect, analyse and tell data stories on survey responses and other Unit Record Level data sources. 
  • Privacy is guaranteed through smart de-identifying process. 
  • Impact for individual participants can be tracked across multiple programs using a unique hash. 

Platform Improvements

  • Ability to add custom font to dashboard editor (ask Seer Data team) 
  • Content placeholder updates for empty dashboard/suitcase/insight/dataset 
  • Security work to overhaul authorisation tokens (you may be asked to login again) 
  • Dashboard insight filter bug fix 
  • “New Member” label now shows against your organisation’s users that have signed up in the past week, on the organisation settings view 
  • Dataset sharing notification emails are now sent when access has been granted to a user