Seer Data & Analytics – vision, mission and purpose

Seer Data & Analytics is democratising data and bridging the data divide with data infrastructure solutions that allow people to access, analyse, and share data in a single platform. Seer empowers people with data-driven storytelling, collaboration, shared learning, and decision-making to understand complex social issues, and solve them together.

Co-founder & CEO Kristi Mansfield outlines the problem Seer Data & Analytics is solving for our community government, not-for-profit and service provider customers around Australia, and the vision to take Seer’s data-driven solutions to the world.

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Co-founder Kristi Mansfield

Co-founder and CEO Kristi Mansfield is an inspirational thought leader, published author and industry leader on the use of data for social benefit.

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Adam Peaston

Co-founder Adam Peaston

Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist Adam Peaston is known in the community sector as a leading data scientist with a customer-centric focus.

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Data-driven solutions for thriving communities

Data-driven problem-solving from a local level

Data sharing, storytelling and collaboration are powerful problem-solving tools, but most communities, not-for-profits and service providers do not have access to the data they need. Seer Data & Analytics has co-created a data sharing platform with communities that allows private and open data to be safely and securely shared data between people working to improve lives so social problems can be solved from the grassroots up.

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Case study: data-driven community transformation 

Seer Data & Analytics Board of Directors

Deanne Weir

Seer Data & Analytics Chair.

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Rod Johnson

Seer Data & Analytics Director.

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Dr Ian Oppermann

Seer Data & Analytics Director.

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