Hear from sector leaders how the Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth data is helping inform philanthropic planning and wealth transfer campaigning. Wealth Transfer data is a huge opportunity for the social sector which can help with philanthropic planning endowment building.

Seer’s CEO & Co-founder Kristi Mansfield is joined by:

Philanthropy Australia’s Policy Advisor Krystian Seibert
Into Our Hands Community Foundation Executive Director Sarah Thompson and Hands Across Canberra CEO Peter Gordon.

Watch this session here and download all reports referenced in this session below.

Philanthropy Australia’s article Leaving a legacy that helps regions grow featuring Sarah Thompson, is a great accompaniment to this session to understand how this body of work came about and how it is helping aid wealth transfer campaigning in North-East Victoria.

It’s been a privilege to work with Sarah, Philanthropy Australia and others on the Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth data project. You can read more here about Seer’s data science work on this project.

Seer's intergenerational transfer of wealth data set

Seer’s wealth transfer data science work has also been included in Philanthropy Australia’s cross-sector blueprint to double structured giving by 2030. The visionary report provides a roadmap to grow Australian philanthropy from $2.5 billion to $5 billion per year.

This work has also been expanded to develop The Seer Giving Index. The index looks at reported gifts/donations, volunteering rates and the SEIFA index at an SA2 (statistical area) to understand propensity to give in communities across Australia. You can find out more including the top 10 most generous SA2s by State and Territory in this pre-packed Suitcase.

To the right you can download:

  • Philanthropy Australia’s – Blueprint to grow structured giving by 2030
  • Our Prosperity Realised Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: growing community philanthropy and regional development in North East Victoria
  • Hands Across Canberra – Vital Signs

If you think Intergenerational Wealth Transfer could help the work you’re doing, we would be happy to present this content to your organisation or collective, feel free to reach out to us below and we’ll get in touch.

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Blueprint to Grow Structured Giving Report
Our-ProsperityRealised Wealth Transfer Technical Report
Vital Signs Canberra