Watch the recording from our inaugural ‘How Shop’ event on our new Sustainable Development Goals data asset now available on Seer, and access additional resources below. In this short 20 minute video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Align to the goals
  • Build an evidence base to guide policy or for grant applications
  • Bring your own data onto the platform for alignment to the goals and to track your progress

Below are additional resources:

  • The evidence base for Goal 1: No Poverty localised to Wollondilly Shire LGA
    • The evidence base demonstrates the storytelling dashboard. Scroll down to view the 40 insights that cover themes such as youth and education, employment and support payments, community and crime which can be tailored to most locations
  • There is a form at the top of the link above where you can request access to 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals Suitcases and a 1:1 meeting with a Seer Advisor – valid until 31 October 2021
  • The presentation featured in the video can be accessed at the bottom of the link above in the attachments section
  • The Sustainable Development Goals Australia Project Portal – Where you can view projects in flight across Australia
  • You can sign up for Seer Standard which is free for up to 5 members per organisation – Sign up here

Get in touch to learn more, or with any questions.

Sustainable Development Goals data, tracking and collaboration asset

Many social purpose organisations are working to align with and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To help, Seer has created a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal data asset. This can help you gain a deeper understanding of the goals, the data available for each goal, collate, as well as adding your own projects and storytelling dashboards and collaborating and sharing details of your projects and progress.

Wherever data has been made available, the Seer team has built charts and Insights, plus added relevant Seer Insights for additional context. You can duplicate the whole collection or just the goals relevant to you, add your own Insights and observations and share both within your team or publicly.

As well as accessing the data made available by the Australian Government for the Sustainable Development Goals, it is possible to ingest your own private data onto the Seer platform to track what is most important to you. Speak to us about how we can help if this is something your organisation is looking to do.

What is a How Shop?

‘How Shops’ are our new series of workshops that focus on the How. Data offers immense and diverse opportunities but how do we leverage those opportunties? What are others doing and what else could be done?

Read our SDG observations

Seer How Shops are our brand new series of online workshops that focus on the ‘how’ of data. Designed to give practical direction on how your organisation can become more data driven, How Shops are our way of helping build data capability for organisations and communities in an accessible and approachable format.  Our next How Shop will be on data visualisation, register your interest to attend below.