For the first time in Australia, the Tasmanian Government has committed to sharing data assets with communities in Tasmania with the goal of aligning to the newly launched Youth & Wellbeing Framework and for improving social outcomes for all Tasmanians.

In this fireside chat, we talk with the pioneers of Government to Community data sharing in Tasmania: Antony Deck from Department of Premier & Cabinet and Kylie Burgess from Burnie Works. Facilitated by Kristi Mansfield, CEO of Seer Data and Analytics. You’ll hear about the great data divide, how data sharing and storytelling can help change the world for Tasmanians and why Government agencies should share data assets with communities.

We will explore the emerging macro shifts in Australia that are seeing a change within government bodies and other large data custodians move towards a recognition of data as a public asset and the societal benefits of data sharing. Kristi will talk about the vision for Australians to have access to reliable and relevant data and to create a data-driven society by 2030.

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Meet your speakers

Antony Deck
Assistant Director, Measurement, Evaluation and Learning, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Tasmania

Kylie Burgess

Shared Learning Coordinator, Burnie Works, Burnie Tasmania

Kristi Mansfield

CEO & Co-founder, Seer Data & Analytics, Event host and facilitator

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Learn more

Work has just commenced to deliver a pioneering Government to Community data sharing solution, powered by Seer Data & Analytics. The complete data sharing architecture will allow communities to align to the state’s Youth and Wellbeing Strategy and Indicator Framework, and to take actions to improve outcomes in their communities through data collaboration, data storytelling, shared measurement and learning.

Access to data, data sharing, and storytelling empowers communities with:

  • The tools to tell the stories that matter most
  • Knowledge of what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change
  • The ability to efficiently distribute effort and investment
  • Sovereignty, Self-determination, and governance
  • Ownership of their narrative and their future
  • The power to improve lives and outcomes, and change the world at a local level
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In 2021, Kylie Burgess joined other community changemakers for Seer Data’s Spark Festival event titled ‘Data-led Community Transformation and Societal Reform’.

Watch the video from last year’s event to see how far the data sharing vision has progressed in just one year.

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