The need to address data and information asymmetries – and their resulting inequalities of political and economic power – is emerging as among the most urgent ethical challenges of our era.

Seer Data & Analytics has teamed up with one of the world’s leading minds on this challenge, Stefaan Verhulst from The Governance Lab at New York University and submitted a proposal to speak at the SOCAP Global conference in a session titled Shifting power and systems change through data equality: an urgent ethical challenge and unprecedented opportunity.

If successful, Stefaan will join Seer Data & Analytics CEO & Co-founder Kristi Mansfield to speak at this session due to take place in San Francisco in October this year. Public voting is now open until July 22nd and we are asking for your support in voting for our session below.

Why is is important to share this message?

The data age has redefined the very notion of knowledge, information, and power, leading to a greater reliance on dispersed and decentralised datasets as well as to new forms of innovation and learning, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Data access is fundamentally linked to economic opportunity, improved governance, better science, and citizen empowerment.

As outlined in Stefaan Verhulst’s brilliant article titled The ethical imperative to identify and address data and intelligence asymmetries – as economies and society in general have grown more complex, the truth of the aphorism ‘knowledge is power’ has only increased.

Increased data access and data sharing by all levels of government to community organisations, not-for-profits, and service providers working at the grassroots is the key to unlocking the transformational potential of data equality.

There are many examples emerging of this in action in Australia, including data-driven Justice Reinvestment in Bourke saving NSW Government $5Million through diversions from the criminal justice system, and early education being transformed through data access and machine learning in Logan, QLD.

Read Bourke Case study here.

Read Logan Case study.

Seer Data & Analytics is working with communities across Australia, including Bourke and Logan, to facilitate data sharing, acting as a trusted intermediary between policymakers and backbone organisations, and empowering communities with data-driven self-determination, agency and sovereignty.

The community data sovereignty movement is quickly gaining momentum around the world and presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to all improve outcomes in our communities.

Learn more about our proposed session and vote

If successful, Seer Data & Analytics will chair an interactive fireside chat to discuss how community-led change and systems change is possible through cross-sector data sharing and collaboration, and how it is being enabled to shift power asymmetries and bridge the data divide.

We will discuss case studies from First Nations and other minority or vulnerable communities that are leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making for self-determination, data sovereignty, and transformational systems change.View our session and others, and cast your vote here before July 22nd 2022.

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