Efficient Data Gathering – The Challenge

In 2016 Growing Lachlan engaged consultants to produce a ‘Snapshot’ of priorities for the Lachlan Shire, which for the first time summarised data on how the community was fairing. This was done to plan for the needs of the community in a more efficient, coordinated and effective way.

The Growing Lachlan Report was the output of two years of work to gather data from government and service agency sources and to understand the views of the community.

Three years later Growing Lachlan wanted to update this data to inform a review of priorities three years on, but needed a more efficient way to gather data.

Turning Data to Action – The Data

Together with Seer Data & Analytics, Shane Phillips from Growing Lachlan used the Platform to create 44 up-to-date data insights about the Lachlan community in one day.

These new insights were shared immediately with other service providers who needed information youth unemployment. The insights were then shared , printed and posted on the wall, for truth-testing and priority setting sessions with the community.

Informed Conversations – The Outcome

The insights created from Seer have directly informed the planning, priority setting and community engagement. The Growing Lachlan Report is now easily accessible and used for advocacy and collaboration for funding applications. The insights have been shared daily with the community on social media.

With this baseline information, the Lachlan Shire want to answer a more complex question; do we have adequate aged care services in our community? This conversation will be continued to help design an analytical solution to the issue.