Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project

A Need for Insight – The Challenge

The Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project was created in response to community concern about poor outcomes for young people. It was established in 2014 to help overcome social isolation, disadvantage and poor school engagement, supporting young people to realise their full potential and thrive.

As the Lighthouse Project evolved there was an urgent need to base decision-making, including the development of a Community Strategy and priority actions on measured and accurate data.

Informing Decisions – The Data

The Lighthouse Project wanted to understand trends over time to identify changes since the preparation of the State of Our Children’s Report for Greater Shepparton in 2014. The team also wanted to compare data for Greater Shepparton with similar Local Government Areas to identify what approaches were having the most impact and why.

The Lighthouse Project needed an accurate evidence base developed with public and private data for decision-making across a diverse group of community stakeholders.

Confidence to Act – The Outcome

Today Seer is used to easily access and interrogate data for community conversations, strategic planning and reporting to Government and philanthropic bodies. It is also used to tell community stories with data.

“Working with Seer on our data journey has helped put to bed uncertainty and lend authority to the community Leadership Tables, shifting power back to the community. It is the community’s data and they need access to it to make better decisions that are right for them.”

Lisa McKenzie
Executive Director,
Greater Shepparton
Lighthouse Project