Seer Data & Analytics Governance, Sharing and Privacy

Seer Data treats data and application security with the utmost importance and employs a variety of measures based on industry best practices to minimise exposure and mitigate risk of security breaches. Security controls are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data hosted through our platform, as well as our overall IT environment.

Seer Data continues to invest significant time and resources to review and improvement of the Seer Data Platform design and processes – both technical and non-technical – to ensure Customer content (including Suitcases and Insights) as well as Private Data are secure. This includes recent completion of a Foundational Technical Review by our partners at Amazon Web Services (AWS) considering Seer Data security controls and protection against data breaches. For more information about Security and Privacy at Seer Data, view our Privacy, Security, and Governance policies.

The Seer Data Platform features gives organisation owners access and user control, as well as control to share assets including datasets, Suitcases and Dashboards in either read-only or editable format with their Partner Organisations.

The Seer Data Platform was initially designed to host publicly available Open Datasets, which contain population-level statistics that had typically undergone significant privacy and deidentification processes prior to being published as an Open Dataset.

The Seer Data Platform has evolved and provide the ability for users ingest their own non-publicly available data to collaborate and analyse this data in conjunction with Open Data and with other Users of the Seer Data Platform. The data custodians of these private datasets are able to provide controlled access to the data to Users or partner organisations whom they trust or only share within their own organisation. Please refer to Seer Governance & Privacy for more details. It is the policy of Seer Data that all Datasets (Aggregate and URL) hosted in the Seer Data Platform must not contain PII. This is reflected in our Terms of Service.

Data Sovereignty and the Seer Data Platform

As well as data security, data sovereignty is central to the Seer Data platform and our work.

Data sovereignty includes ownership of data, access to data, custodianship of data, control of data, relevance of data that is collected, and accountability to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by those collecting data about people.

All the data in the Seer Data platform is owned and controlled by our customers. Seer Data is a technology partner that builds and manages community data platforms, and supports the safe storage of the data. We support the many ways to do data sovereignty. All community data is controlled and owned by our customers.

Seer Data helps develop the data governance and data sharing agreements for our customers as part of the establishment of a community data platform.

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