2020 is going to be a challenging year for the community sector and small business. In line with our mission to improve access to data for all, Seer wants to help by providing access to our standard plan for free for the rest of 2020.

We are committed to making data accessible and we believe Open Data is an important resource for people of all skillsets to engage in problem solving, especially during crisis.

We’ve created tools that we hope can help with cross-sector planning in response, including:

Financial Vulnerability Map

The Financial Vulnerability Map paired with the Financial Vulnerability Pre-packed Suitcase (available for free on our standard plan) can be tailored to local community areas (SA1 and SA2) for situational analysis and response planning.

The Map and Pre-packed Suitcase includes data related to small businesses, types of employment, vulnerable industries, mortgage and rental stress, household types, Centrelink payments, homelessness incidence, SEIFA, population and demographics showing the location and scale of the most vulnerable communities around Australia.

Similar Communities Model

The Similar Communities Model can be used to identify other vulnerable communities.

What’s next?

Seer’s Data Strategy Advisors will help all our users interpret this information via Zoom meetings and regular webinars.

The COVID-19 crisis could make many communities vulnerable that would not have usually been so. This is worrying for us all. We think efficient access to data and the ability to build a clear picture for each community will allow strategies to be developed and actioned quickly to respond best on a local level.

Community organisations, service providers, local Governments, policy makers and philanthropists will face tough decisions in the coming months, and we want to empower these organisations with insightful data to help.

You can also help us by sharing what you think the most valuable data will be during the crisis.

We can and will work together to take the best actions for the benefit of our society.

Free access to Seer and the crisis data package is available now.

Kristi Mansfield - Co-founder and CEO

Kristi Mansfield

Seer Data & Analytics