Dashboard Templates

The Seer Data platform now contains a library of templates from which you can start your data storytelling journey! With the aim of simplifying your user experience and boosting productivity, users can effortlessly kickstart their data storytelling journey by selecting from a range of pre-built templates tailored to various needs. As always, Dashboards empower users to delve into data storytelling without the need for extensive design or coding skills.


  • Creating a Dashboard is still the same process, however you will now find a library of templates in the “Seer Data Curated” folder of Dashboards.
  • You will be required to duplicate the template before saving the copy as your own version.
  • The Seer Data team will be adding more templates on an ongoing basis.


  • Seamlessly embark on your data storytelling journey with ready-made templates. You now have somewhere to start, leveraging our industry expertise!
  • Empower your storytelling with visually compelling insights, side-by-side with any other type of media.
  • Save valuable time and effort in crafting impactful dashboards.

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Platform Improvements

  • New font additions for Dashboards
  • Exit-warning prompts before tab/browser close when mid-edit for Dashboards
  • New action for copying embed insight code
  • Dashboard edit loading speed optimised
  • Homepage speed improvements for recently updated Dashboards
  • New default save location for new insights is to the Draft Suitcase, saving time manually clicking on Draft Suitcase