Empowering communities with data-driven decision making

Tell the data stories that matter to your community. Access, analyse, and share data, collaborate with others, track impact and take action. The Seer Data Platform enables data access, analysis, sharing, and storytelling, and is co-designed with and for people who want to use data for decision-making.

Seer Data Platform Key Features

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a Data Scientist or Analyst to use the Seer Data platform. People of all skillsets can find, create and share meaningful data stories and build their data capability as they go.

All your data in one place

The Seer Data platform brings together Open Data, data that’s been shared, AI-generated Smart Insights, machine learning models, and self-service data ingestion tools for collaboration and problem-solving.

Scalable and flexible

The Seer Data platform is designed to meet you where you’re at, and grow as your organisation’s data maturity and capability grows. There are plenty of ways to get started with data and build up to a full scale data architecture.

Data Storytelling Dashboards

Create interactive dashboards to tell your data stories your way. Bring together charts, actions, observations, video, audio and any other content with an easy to use drag and drop editor. Highlight different data stories for different audiences, add your own branding, share via public link, or embed on your website.


Create multi-level folders ‘Suitcases’ to store your Insights in an organised way, grouped by topic, domain or area of interest. Add context, observations, files and commentary and tag team members to collaborate. Use Suitcases to create reports to share with your team or via public link. Insight charts can be surfaced on any dashboard.


Create unlimited Insights from open or private datasets via the explore data feature, or get started using pre-packed Suitcases of Insights. Each Insight consists of a chart and data table, summary observation and comments section. Surface your Insights alongside lived experience and community voice on storytelling dashboards to bring the data to life.

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