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As part of Seer Data & Analytics’ commitment to helping build data capabilities for people of all skillsets, we offer regular online workshops and events to help people on their data journeys.

Seer’s CEO & Co-founder is an inspirational thought leader and regularly speaks at events, conferences and workshops. Along with Co-founder Adam Peaston, Kristi has created The Foil podcast as a way to demystify data and make it more approachable for everyone.

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If you have an event you would like us to share or participate in, or if you have a specific training or presentation request, please get in touch here.  You can also book a demo here to see how the Seer platform could help your organisation become more data-driven.

Kristi Mansfield

Seer Data & Analytics CEO & Co-founder

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The Foil podcast, featuring Professor Alan Duffy

In this episode of The Foil podcast – The Impossible Picture, Dark Matter & Asking the Simple Question – Professor Alan Duffy – Astronomer / Astrophysicist / Cosmologist and Director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne University takes us on a journey from the stars, to the power of the simplest questions on earth.

The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Ian Oppermann

In a recent episode of The Foil podcast – Data Science for government and society – Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist shares his journey into Data Science, how he helps people to ask the right questions, and both the challenges and opportunities that data offers our wider society.

The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Linda McIver

In an interesting episode of The Foil podcast – Scepticism, Misinformation & Heretical Problem Solving – Dr Linda McIver – Executive Director at the Australian Data Science Education Institute, and author of Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World – looks at evaluation, problem-solving and disruptive thinking from an education perspective.

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