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Community data access and sharing is at the heart of a new Bourke narrative, written and owned by Bourke people.

Grassroots data collaboration is fuelling the systems-change vision for Bourke. The community transformation underway is being facilitated by the Palimaa Data Platform, in partnership with the Kowa evaluation and learning team, and powered by Seer Data & Analytics.

Maranguka has become Australia’s lighthouse initiative for community and data-led place-based change. Central to the work is data access, sharing and storytelling, guided by the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and the leadership of Maranguka and the Bourke Tribal Council.  

Maranguka has an integrated governance system in place to ensure data sovereignty and leadership engagement in Bourke.

While there has been a huge amount of work done, there is still much more to do. Let us know below if you think you can help.

Tyra - Maranguka Community Hub
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