Free Online Data Empowerment Events: Turn data into action for a better world

At Seer Data & Analytics, we believe that data should be accessible, useable and shareable by people of all skillsets. Our Empowerment Series are weekly online workshops designed to enable Australian changemakers start turning data into action. Learn what others are doing and discover data solutions that could help you.

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1 June, 11.30am >>
8 June, 11.30am >>

Your hosts: Ricki Hudson and Renai Mouton

Free access to our Open Data library to easily support your evidence base for grant applications, policy change or understanding your communities heartbeat

We believe Open Data should be freely available to all. To get the most out of the Data Empowerment events, register for a free Seer Standard subscription that provides your searchable Open Data and insight templates that you can duplicate to your own locations of interest. These can be shared publicly as an evidence base to support grant applications, guide policy change, or as a way to understand the situational context in your place without the need to go to multiple sources that we know can be very time-consuming.

During the Data Empowerment events, our Solutions Team, Ricki Hudson and Renai Mouton, will discuss how communities are turning data into action for better outcomes all across Australia and how you could do the same.

Developing data assets that matter to your place

Learn about Seer’s Framework options (that include, but are not limited to; Vital Signs, ARACY Nest, and Community Profiles), endowment, and give where you live options. Finally, you’ll learn about Seer’s data spaces that help communities and organisations draw together open data, closed data, and private data collections into one easy to manage location. Data spaces provide a continuous and shared learning platform that helps communities advocate for funding or policy change and enable more efficient delivery of programs or services to the areas of greatest need.

If you would prefer a 1:1 conversation, book a time that suits you best in the calendar below.