End of year Executive Briefing

Thank you to Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist, Seer Board member and data warrior for this enlightening end of year briefing.

Ian recognises this time as a pivotal moment in terms of data science and data sharing, and shares his knowledge and expertise of how data can be used to benefit communities and wider society.

We are all excited about the opportunties on the horizon for 2022 and beyond.

Watch Executive Briefing recording

The Foil Podcast – Data Science for government and society

On a recent episode of The Foil podcast, Ian Oppermann shares how potential harm mitigation is being integrated into the AI assurance framework under development by the NSW Data & Analytics Centre (DAC).

He also recounts his experience with presenting data findings that have disproved commonly held and personal beliefs and how this is often met with resistance and rebuttal.

Ian has learnt how to take people on a journey to ask bigger and more ambitious questions, and shares how this has resulted in expanding the innovation and impact of a project. Learn about importance of asking the right question, democratising data, and the ways in which the findings of a data analytics project can be challenging to communicate when sensitive subjects are involved.