Working in partnership, working differently

Stronger Places, Stronger People is a community-led, collective impact initiative, stewarded by the Australian Government in partnership with state and territory governments and 10 communities across Australia. It seeks to disrupt disadvantage and create better futures for children and their families through locally tailored and evidence-driven solutions to local problems, in partnership with local people.

The Stronger Places Stronger People (SPSP) initiative stewarded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) has engaged Seer Data & Analytics to support the establishment of a system of data sharing from many State and Federal agencies to all ten SPSP communities and government partners. The system of data sharing is aligned with the SPSP Understanding, Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning (UMEL) framework, Model and indicators that have been co-designed with partners, to support community-led change and action for improved outcomes.

Key benefits for the Stronger Places, Stronger People communities are:

  • Flexibility of Seer Data platform to present qualitative and quantitative data, build and share data analysis and stories
  • Access to multiple datasets in one place, and the ability for communities to hold and share their own data assets, hosted on the Seer Data Platform
  • Terms of Service respectful of private data sets and community-owned data assets

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“Seer Data is supporting the collection and storage of community-owned data assets that are being used together with national data assets that have a place lens.

Community data assets are a foundation for shared learning and trust building with governments, and this is at the heart of community-led decision making and self determination.”