Burnie Works data walk in action

Hold a Data Walk for your community

A Data Walk is an interactive data immersion exercise – and a powerful vehicle for progressing community stakeholder alignment.

In these interactive engagement sessions, community residents and organisations, service providers, and Government representatives review data presentations in small groups, interpreting and questioning the data on display. Key questions are explored; Is this data telling the real story? What are the data gaps and how can we fill them? What are the actions required? 

Leverage the power of data & local knowledge to create a shared vision.

By engaging the entire changemaker ecosystem, cross-sector stakeholders can share their respective knowledge, insight, and expertise to help build a clearer community picture. This sets in place the foundations for shared vision, shared measurement and learning, data sharing, and collaboration.

A Data Walk can help your community move towards a collaborative and data-driven approach to community transformation.

Burnie Works data presentation

Burne Works Data Walk

Local collective impact initiative, Burnie Works, is determined to tackle some of the region’s most pressing issues by bringing together community people, government, service providers, churches, educators, and businesses to collaborate on community-led systems change and social rejuvenation.