Seer Data Space

A Seer Data Space facilitates shared learning and collaboration for community benefit and control. Communities are using the Data Space solution to help build a full picture of their community in order to understand complex issues, build evidence bases, set baselines, track change and measure impact. Data is shared into the customised Data Space from a range of contributors via self-service templates with automated reminders. Data is then safely stored and secured, ready to access, analyse and share alongside Open data. Build unlimited data storytelling dashboards and visualisations to evidence your community stories. Add multimedia elements to bring in community voice and take control of the future of your community.

  • Up to 4 organisations (more on request)

  • Up to 20 users (more on request)

  • Self-service data ingestion by multiple contributors into the Seer platform via custom templates

  • Private contributor access controls and set and forget reminder communications

  • Share data, collaborate and create a continuous shared learning environment for your community

  • Developers portal for API querying and connection to other data visualisation tools

  • Powerful dashboards with live filtering capabilities for outcome measurement and continuous shared learning

  • Personalised group onboarding and training

  • Dedicated Seer Support Advisor

  • Quarterly review with Seer Support Advisor

  • Brand and theme your Seer environment and charts

  • Create powerful multimedia Data Storytelling Dashboards

  • Templated landing page to act as a portal into your Knowledge Hub environment

  • Access and explore additional Seer Data Collections alongside Open data

  • Seer Data Science advice to answer more complex questions

  • Additional add-ons available to create the custom data solution your community needs

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