First Nations people have been successfully governing Indigenous data (information, stories and knowledge) since time immemorial. This has been a critical factor ensuring the ongoing survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Recognising the importance of data for self-determination, Seer Data & Analytics aims to operationalise First Nations Data Sovereignty for all communities. We are continuously learning and invite feedback to improve how we implement our technology and our engagement to support the data sovereignty goals and aspirations of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations towards greater awareness and acceptance of the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty.The Seer Data Platform and our work aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples visions for data access, control, custodianship, ownership, relevance, storytelling and accountability.

The Seer Data Platform and our work aims to put Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the centre of data access.

We recognise better outcomes are achieved if First Nations people have a genuine say in matters affecting them, including use of data to inform policy-making in government. The Seer Data platform aims to provide First Nations people greater agency over how their data are governed, used and shared within the context of decision making to enable community-led shared learning.

Pictograph, Burrungkuy Rock Traditional Country of the Yolngu and Gun-djeihmi speaking people Kakadu National Park, Arnhem Land

Data Sovereignty

Making Government data accessible and shareable with First Nations people and organisations is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to the principle of self-determination in the National Agreement for Closing the Gap Reform 4.

Data sovereignty, including ownership, access, custodianship, control, relevance, accountability to First Nations people and sustainability, aims to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations have a genuine role to play in determining what and how services, investments and policies are developed and delivered.

The Seer Data platform is a technology platform flexible to different models of data sovereignty.

Importantly, data collected for impact and outcomes measurement purposes remains sovereign (owned, controlled, maintained as an asset) to our customers. No data is stored offshore. Seer Data can help facilitate the data governance and data sharing agreements for customers as part of the establishment of the data platform and infrastructure.

Click image to download PDF of this article and a summary table of how the following elements are enabled on the Seer Data Platform:

  • Control
  • Custodianship
  • Ownership
  • Self-determination
  • Access
  • Relevance
  • Storage

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