📊 Local communities, not-for-profits, the private sector and governments share a vision for a prosperous, fair Australia that is enabled by an accessible, robust and safe data infrastructure.

💻 Access to data can allow people on all levels to participate in problem-solving and democratic community-led decision-making enabled by technology and innovation.

📆 Join us for our interactive Community Data Sharing event in Sydney hosted by Seer Data & Analytics and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as we continue to empower community data access and sharing across Australia.

💡Hear about the transformative impact that government-to-community data sharing is having across Australia, and how pioneering data sharing in Bourke is enabling a data-sharing authorising environment for places around the country.

Maranguka has become Australia’s lighthouse initiative for community and data-led place- based change. Central to the work is data access, sharing and storytelling, guided by the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and the leadership of Maranguka and the Bourke Tribal Council.

Speakers include:
Alister Ferguson – Executive Director & Founder, Maranguka Community Hub & Bourke Tribal Council
Margot Beach – General Manager, Dusseldorp Forum
Dr Ian Oppermann – New South Wales Chief Data Scientist
Amity Durham – Strategic Adviser – Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
Kristi Mansfield – CEO & Co-founder, Seer Data & Analytics
John King – Chief Data Officer, Seer Data & Analytics

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Alister Ferguson – Executive Director & Founder, Maranguka Community Hub & Bourke Tribal Council

Margot Beach – General Manager, Dusseldorp Forum

Sydney 5th October 2023

Community Data Sharing – a live, free event taking place on 5th October 5-8pm AEDT

In person event at Fishburners Founders Hub, Level 2, 11 York Street, Wynyard, Sydney, NSW 2000 or via livestream

Alister Ferguson – Executive Director & Founder, Maranguka Community Hub & Bourke Tribal Council;

Margot Beach – General Manager, Dusseldorp Forum;

Dr Ian Oppermann – New South Wales Chief Data Scientist;

Kristi Mansfield – CEO & Co-founder, Seer Data & Analytics

John King – Chief Data Officer, Seer Data & Analytics

Amity Durham – Strategic Adviser – Public Sector, Amazon Web Services;

Seer Data & Analytics and partners want this event to be accessible for people across Australia.

If you are unable to join this even in person, register for the livestream by selecting the livestream option in the registration form above

Article: A Thousand Flowers in Bloom: Data Access and Sharing for a Stronger Australia

By Kristi Mansfield

In the age of information, data has become the currency of progress, innovation, and equity. Access to and the responsible sharing of data are pivotal in shaping a fairer and stronger Australia.

National policy commitments, such as the Commonwealth’s initiatives to address entrenched disadvantage and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, underscore the importance of shared access to data at a regional level. Philanthropy has a critical and important role to play with grantmakers actively supporting capability building toward greater use of data and evidence for improved outcomes in the not for profit sector….

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