Seer’s data science and engineering work is helping communities across Australia

Seer is dedicated to helping communities both ask and answer complex questions and ultimately effect positive social change with the help of our data science and engineering work.

Our work is helping Government, philanthropic grantmakers, community organisations and not-for-profits across Australia gain a deeper understanding of community context, service delivery impact and changing requirements. Seer’s data science capabilities include building complex customised machine-led learning models to give greater insight on pastcurrent and future patterns.

Upcoming work, planned to be in Beta by June, includes AI-created ‘Smarter Insights’ where the Seer platform will provide recommended Insights based on user interest.

Adam Peaston

Seer’s recent data science and engineering work includes:

  • Customised machine-led learning models for tracking and forecasting community data
  • Population forecast model to help plan for future service demand and delivery
  • Similar Communities Model to compare which communities are most and least alike across 8 different social factors for research and program refinement
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer data set to understand and estimate the likely transfer of wealth to help with endowment building, major gifts and bequests planning. This work has been included in the Philanthropy Australia cross-sector blueprint which defines how to double structured giving in Australia by 2030
  • Seer Giving Index which estimates propensity to give in any given community by analysing a range of factors including donations, volunteering rates and other giving data
  • Early education supply and demand modelling to help identify where and why more high-quality early education services might be of benefit
  • Place-based data analytics for situational context and reporting
  • COVID-19 vulnerability models which were used by Government policymakers in NSW and ACT as well as not-for-profits to identify places most economically vulnerable through the pandemic

Explore our recent data science work:

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