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Seer has developed a new data collection, storage and sharing option

We’re constantly evolving Seer’s suite of data solutions by actively listening to our community of users and meeting their needs. We have developed a new data collection, storage and sharing solution to support communities to track outcomes or to blend with our library of Open Data for organisations needing a shareable evidence base for policy and advocacy, grant submissions and/or to report back to funders.

What’s in our Plus and Self-service data collection option?

  • 1 organisation with up to 10 users
  • Unlimited partners
  • Unlimited insights
  • Self-service data collection, storage and sharing functionality
  • Drag and drop multi-media storytelling dashboards
  • Report generation and export tool
  • Public link sharing capabilities
  • Branding and theming
  • Report templates with localisation tool for your community
  • Dedicated Seer advisor with personalised onboarding and quarterly reviews
  • Paid monthly or annually

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In a recent episode of The Foil podcast – Data Science for government and society – Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist shares his journey into Data Science, how he helps people to ask the right questions, and both the challenges and opportunities that data offers our wider society.